What are your fistpump and facepalm moments today?

Post your high and low moments on the new social media app Riposte and see what’s trending for others in your town or city, your age group, gender, ethnicity, school and profession.


Be Real

What are your fistpump and facepalm moments today? Choose wisely... You get one fistpump and one facepalm to post each day, but you can earn up to three bonus posts too.

Be There

Follow others and show you care by supporting their posts.

But there are no comments or replies.

Be Informed

See what's trending through the different lenses in which you experience the world, such as your age group, gender, ethnicity, school, profession or the town or city you live in.

Be Heard

Anonymous information is used to help better understand groups within our communities. Your opinion matters, so make it count towards something.

Post publicly, to your followers, or privately (where it’s a bit like a digital honesty box).


The Riposte application is run by Riposte Analytics Ltd, a social enterprise based in Tairāwhiti, New Zealand.

Our mission is to provide a platform for people to share their thoughts and experiences safely, so that the anonymous data can be used by everyone to increase understanding and create change in our communities.

Please contact us at info@riposte.app.

Download Riposte and see what matters the most to people around you today.